IUL micro Spin Air machine for active sampling

Air Monitoring through Active Sampling

Active sampling air monitoring is performed using an air sampler for a faster, more accurate reading.

Active air sampling is performed using an electronic air sampler. At Viroxy, we use IUL Micro Spin Air unit (100 L / min, 1m3 of air = 1000 L).


The Method

The air sampler head is disinfected before sampling. The device draws air through small, evenly placed holes on the unit’s metal head. It draws air particles to an agar plate which is then collected and incubated at the required temperature and time. The total bacterial, yeast and mould count can be determined by using different agar types.

Air samplers provide faster and more accurate readings compared to passive sampling. It is capable of covering large areas. Active sampling is not suitable for powdery environments as it might clog the device.


Sample Site Selection Criteria

When selecting sites to be sampled, it is important to ask the following questions:

Include sites that are known to harbor high-levels of microorganism.


Colony Findings

Findings are categorised according to this table. The table is based on World Health Organization’s guide on monitoring the environment in vaccine manufacturing facilities.



Service Request Process 

1. To request for this service, submit your enquiry through the contact form and we will contact you. Alternatively, call us at +603 2630 8888 for a discussion.
2. Please determine the size of the premises you wish to test before discussing with us.
3. List potential sites of contamination that may require testing such as door handle, playpen, table etc.
4. Wait for an e-mail from us which will contain a submission form and quotation. Fill in your details if you agree and send the form back to us.
5. Wait for a sample acquisition date from us.
6. We will acquire samples from the premises on the set date and transport them to the lab immediately for plating. We do not recommend clients to acquire the samples themselves for this test. 
7. Wait for the results from us. It takes one week to gather the result and another week to generate test report and issue a certificate.  

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